sobota, 24 kwietnia 2010

Communication jammed.


I'm with you again. It was bad time here. Time dedicated to reflections and sadness. It seemed that the time has stopped. It gave us space to think about people we know and country we live in. It will be a hot summer here in Poland and I do not mean the temperature outside.

There is one thing that impressed me after the accident. Although it was only a plane crash so many phone calls were made that I was not able to contact nor my wife, to tell her what is going on, neither my parents where were my children. Providing larger problems you can treat your cell phone as useless gadget. Luckily SMS service still worked on - slow nevertheless it gave you a chance to communicate - but I do not think this channel would survive greater impact from users.

So I found that having a radio is much more important thing than I thought before that accident. I plan to equip house and family cars with portable radio devices.

Other important thing is that I resigned from the loan. Too much entry costs, too much dependence on the system. That will make my journey longer but I will sleep much better. :)

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