sobota, 24 kwietnia 2010

Communication jammed.


I'm with you again. It was bad time here. Time dedicated to reflections and sadness. It seemed that the time has stopped. It gave us space to think about people we know and country we live in. It will be a hot summer here in Poland and I do not mean the temperature outside.

There is one thing that impressed me after the accident. Although it was only a plane crash so many phone calls were made that I was not able to contact nor my wife, to tell her what is going on, neither my parents where were my children. Providing larger problems you can treat your cell phone as useless gadget. Luckily SMS service still worked on - slow nevertheless it gave you a chance to communicate - but I do not think this channel would survive greater impact from users.

So I found that having a radio is much more important thing than I thought before that accident. I plan to equip house and family cars with portable radio devices.

Other important thing is that I resigned from the loan. Too much entry costs, too much dependence on the system. That will make my journey longer but I will sleep much better. :)

sobota, 10 kwietnia 2010

Tragedy in Poland.

It is hard to believe that so many people are lost. I do not find good words to describe it. Just think that you loose one day Obama, Bernake, dozens of congressman both republican and democrat, main generals, chiefs of important institutes and organizations, and people who are living part of you dramatic history... It is unbelievable...

People with who you were discussing, talking, arguing, who you liked or dislike but respected...

The rest is silence.


rest in peace dears

czwartek, 8 kwietnia 2010

Economical issues.

I found new e-book and want to share the address with you.

I am far from saying it is a good way to go but there are many things that can be used by preppers. It can help you realize how to make a good balance sheet of your assets and how to care about some aspects of your financial survival. Nevertheless author provides that whole the system will survive which can be true but also false. After SHTF he can loose everything. Because I think that even when he invests in gold and silver he invests not in real metal in deposit but electronic record so when the record is gone also his gold is gone also. So read it carefully but have in mind that it is a way to make money and create safety in the world we know. It can help you to prepare but it will be obsolete WTSHTF. 

have a nice reading !

p.s. soon I will present some progress in rescuing my little country house. I was thinking about to give up and to destroy it and start from the very begining within year or two. But after long discussion with an architect and chief of builders we decided to continue. Although not too much will stay as it was it is still worth to save.

poniedziałek, 29 marca 2010

Busy time... and insects armageddon.

A few day of silence from my side. Days full of work. First days spent on the fresh air. With accompaniment of smoke from burned leaves. I had to burn them (especially from Aesculus hippocastanum) quick due to the fact they contain a lot of larva of Cameraria ohridella.

This is quite new pest in Poland killing horse chestnuts. It came from south and found our trees and weather very attractive. There are a few ways to protect form it. First - you drill the stem and fill it with a toxin. Invasive method which when done wrong can do more harm than benefit. You can always take professionals but of course it means money spent. Another method is to put an adhesive tape to which the insects will stick. I tried another one with very good results. Each year I have a plenty of pretty chestnuts so I think it works well.

First thing is to burn leaves where the larva spend the winter. Second is to hoover adult insects after hatch. They are swarming on the lower part of the stem on the shadow side where I hoover them with hoover dedicated for leaves. One thing is to burn the leaves quicker than the larva will go out of them. This year it suddenly became quite hot so I have to hurry. 

I've planted another sweet cherry tree. One of mine withered. I suppose it was stroke by the lightning. Everything in the garden changes day by day. More sun. More birds. Once again world became green...

czwartek, 25 marca 2010

Global warming vs. bees dying.

Global warming. Does anyone know someone who do not know what it is ? What is said is responsible for ? What are the efforts ? Billion of dollars is used to stop this virtual threat which if caused by sun is unstoppable and uncontrollable and took place many times in the world history. But I am not here to discuss this stupidity and all the efforts that are undertaken. I am just concerned that I do not hear anything about the thing that can stop our world and eliminate much more lives than junk of global warming. I talk about mass bees dying.

Observed for last several years mysterious dying of the whole hives, this year, as you can read, is getting stronger. Last article I found is here . It is worldwide, with unknown origins and can accelerate without warning. No one knows if it is possible that the next year all the bees can be dead. But if that happen it will ruin the economy, stop the civilization and for sure - it will be responsible for hunger and death of many people. And it will happen suddenly, without recognized reason, maybe last for several years or decades what means permanently in the meaning of generation. Can you imagine the disorder caused by such accident ? Can you imagine that the world without bees ? Without all the efforts of their work including fruits and honey ? And now... have you heard about mass of dollars spending on finding quick solution of that problem ? Have you heard about prof. X. Ygrekovsky from Somewheronian State University which gained the Nobel Prize for efforts in finding a solution of "bee problem"? Did your congressman say a single word about it ?

And now tell me - isn't it the world is upside down ?

p.s. Practical question - do you know any ideas how to preserve honey bee for long term storage ? Is doing nothing just keeping in dark and cool place enough to keep it in a good condition ? I tried to do this with natural honey and it worked OK but I am wondering if these commercially available products called "honey bee" will also manage or some additives can react making differences in taste or smell.

wtorek, 23 marca 2010

Much ado about nothing... Have some fun about it all.

I am reading about the anger. Voices about revolution, secession, fall of America's ideals. I see people in Washington from all over the country protesting. And President saying leftist things using words restricted for conservatism. Finished with these words that really sounds beautifully for us - Europeans : "God bless the United States of America". Wow. Really nice. I wonder how sincere it is. Does he believe in these words or is just a perfect actor ? In the end it does not matter. The one that will pay for that game is not him. It is YOU. 

Why they seem deaf on your cry ? We know it well. We - I mean Europeans. The whole mess will stop within weeks. People will go home, forums will go quiet, another Super Bowl will be played, another article about bad Mel Gibson will gather all the discussions. After three years when you will have to pay for it all no one will remember that it was caused by that Bill or other.  It will be just hard time which should unite the whole US and no blame pointed. So remember that day. Remember today to know where from comes your tomorrow. They will do everything for you to forget.

What is funny I read that your President Obama starts speaking like our leaders in the times of planned economy. "Within five years we will increase the export by 50%". I know the only one way to do this knowing what is going on. In term of value expressed in USD it means that they are planning to depreciate USD at least by 50%. It is not a joke - that is the only way. :) 

From that point of view I know also how the Lisbon Strategy of EU was supposed to work. You know, in 2000 it was written that EU would do everything to be as good as US in 2010. Of course the reality didn't like to read the paper and nothing has changed. But now I know what they were planning ! It was not about to increase EU - it was about decrease of US ! Can you imagine that G.W.Bush failed to be reelected and "Obama-like" democrat won instead of him. Can you imagine that the act we are discussing today was brought to life several years ago ? Today your economy would be ruined as much as needed to ... fulfill the Lisbon Strategy ! :) On that basis I would say that MI6 works better than CIA cause finally they made it - they will change you from inside !

Here we say : The last switch off the light. :)

Spring. Whoa !

I started to rip bushes and trees that surrounds my little house. Great to feel that warmth. Yeah I know - within two months I will only look how to avoid sun and extreme hot but now it makes all the difference. Trees has awaken. They are preparing to explode with blossom. 

I am going to extend my vegetable garden so I need to buy new net to protect it from rabbits and homeless dogs. From the windows I am going to change I will make some hotbeds for faster growth or warmth-liking plants. Plenty of work but when you see the effects and changes you made it is great to have a possibility to work on it. 

I hope that this year the economy will be good enough to finish all the projects I plan to do. But you never know. Having this uncertainty in mind you stay cool whatever happens. 

So many plans, so little time - lets get to work !